Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was great this year. I always love going to church on holidays because it is a great reminder about what the holiday is all about. The talks were really good and the music awesome.

the 3 of us before church
Kinley in her Easter dress

She thinks she wants to start moving everywhere

Dust, Kinley and Grammy

She came to visit for the weekend

Hanging out with our cute bunny

We have a tradition in my family that we have to find our Easter baskets every year and we started that tradition with Kinley this year. I hid her basket and Dusty "helped" her find it.

yeah they found it! Dusty has skills!

Dusty seems thrilled in this picture

Kinley checking out her presents

We finished out the day by watching Tangled, having our friends; Jeff, Kitani and Chandi over for a delicious dinner that my mom made. It was a great Easter and one that created a lot of good memories.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bath Time

Bath time is always fun at our house. Kinley loves it and can stay in there for quite some time. I took these pictures of her tonight. Her curly hair is so fun! I think I may use some of these to hang in her bathroom. What do you think?

Her growling face

Pretty blue eyes

Easter with the Batty's

Today we celebrated Easter with Dusty's family. We got all the girls in their easter dresses and got a few pics. It is hard to get all 3 of them looking at the camera :)

3 cute girls

Rilyn, Aiden and Kinley
We always try to get pictures of these 2 since they are the same age. This is how most of the pics turn out :)

Kinley really likes to wave hello these days, so I had a few pictures of her doing just that

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chayote Squash

I love Bounitful Baskets. It is an awesome way to get produce for a better price and let me try new produce that I never would buy at the store. There are times that I don't know what certain things are or what to do with them. For example, last week I got a chayote squash. I recieved 3 of them, and they have sat there for a week because I just did not know what to do with them. I googled recipes, nothing sounded great so finally I just decided that I would make it into some baby food for Kinley. She eats a lot of stuff, so she might eat this. Well today, I get it all cut up and started cooking when I realize that the top of my fingers on my left hand are starting to feel a little numb. I wash my hands and I was them again, still numb. I look down and the tops are kind of white like there is no circulation getting to them. I start freaking out, Dusty calmly tells me to look up side effects. I do and realize that I am not loosing my mind and it has happened to others. The sap of the chayote squash can leave a numb/tingly feeling that should go away within a day, oh and another awesome side effect, it will make your hands peel and take off a layer of skin.

So that is my adventure today in cooking - don't use chayote squah. (the flavor wasn't very good anyway) or if you do decide to try it, where gloves while cutting it just in case :)

this is what a chayote squash looks like
I couldn't get a really good picture of my peeling hands, but I will post it later if I do

Friday, April 15, 2011

Enjoying Spring at the Park

Tia and her kids came and visited us this week and we loved having them here. We had a lot of fun while they were here. We did a little shopping, went to the park, got some cupcakes at Cupcake Chic (which Tia also agrees are amazing) and just spent some time hanging out. We love having them come visit.

We went to the park and Kinley LOVED being outside in the sunshine Swinging on the swing
Dusty multi-tasking - pushing Kira and holding Kinley
Trae and Dax enjoying some treats

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kitani's Baby Shower

I am finally getting around to doing a full post on Kitani's baby shower that I did back in the middle of March. That seems like awhile ago. Kitani is now 38 weeks, and we can't wait to meet this little guy! Jeff and Kitani are some of our best friends and I was excited that I was able to do this for her.

Disclaimer: I could never pull off a shower like this (or any shower really) without my mom. She pretty much did everything and just told me what to do.

The theme was "It's About to Get Wild"

The Invites - they turned out so cute! The table

We did a baby brunch and the menu consisted off: chicken bundles (request of Kitani), bacon artisan pizzas, mini breakfast caseroles, mini raspberry creme cake, mini cinnamon crescents, muesli fruit parfait, and chocolate dipped strawberries. All delicious!

Another shot of the set upFavors, water, plates and napkinsWater bottles with animals tags on themFavorsAnimal shortbread cookies were in the favor boxesgetting ready to dig inMuesli ParfaitsChocolate Dipped Strawberries and Raspberry Creme CakeKinley wanted to be a part of the party with her giraffe bowThe game and prizes. We played Baby Price is Right. Kitani's mom made adorable pot scrubbers and dish towels for the prizes. So cute!Kitani opening gifts She has such a cute belly!

All in all I think it turned out great! And hopefully Kitani had a good time too!

Friday, April 1, 2011

California Girls

This last weekend I went to California with my sister and mom and some of her friends. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Since we weren't with Tia on her birthday, we had a little party one night at the hotel with delicious cupcakes from Cupcake Chic At Fred's - I LOVE THIS PLACE!! So delicous! This is in the bathroom
As is this one
Delicious place where we had breakfast
Tia and I shared these pastries.

They were heavenly!
Tia got chocolate all over her face
We stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes

I have wanted to go there for awhile. Ever since I started watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network
I got Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Marshmellow (it was suppose to be like a Hostess Cupcake, but better) and a Red Velvet

Here is my review:

Peanut Butter Chocolate: I liked it. The cake wasn't super moist but it was still good. Everyone else had a complaint about this cupcake because they didn't think it had enough peanut butter flavor

Chocolate Marshmellow: did not like - I would take a Hostess cupcake any day over this one

Red Velvet: SO GOOD! I thought it was very delicious

So overall I was not impressed, and they were not worth $3. Go to Cupcake Chic in Orem they kicked Sprinkles butt!

Tia and I at dinner before Wicked
Everyone after Wicked

I loved Wicked. I have always liked the music, but the play was awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone!
Mom, Me and Tia after the play

So it was a great weekend, and such a nice break and Kinley had an awesome time with her dad all weekend!