Thursday, January 12, 2012

Batty Christmas Party

We had our annual Batty Christmas party this year. It was lots of fun to see everyone. It was smaller this year, but still lots of fun.

Tia Tia made Kinley a very cute Christmas skirt to wear. Everyone loved it.
Kinley ready to go!

Dusty and I were amazing at Siamese Wrapping

Our finished product

Kinley cuddling with Uncle Trenton

Heading home after a fun night

Ho Ho Ho

"Ho Ho Ho" was Kinley's favorite word to say throughout Christmas. Anytime she saw anything Santa or looked like Santa, she would say "ho ho ho." We finally made it to see Santa on the 22nd of December. She saw him from far away and was so excited. Then it was her turn and she wasn't quite sure and then Santa put his arm around me. She freaked out! So we hurry and got a quick picture!

The Riverwoods down in Provo has lots of fun lights and Christmas decorations so we spent some time walking around. Kinley loves Christmas and enjoyed seeing all the fun lights.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 Down....How Many More To Go?

In between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I decided that we weren't busy enough and that I needed to have my appendix taken out.
Okay that is not exactly true. I started having some pain on a Saturday night and went to the doctor on Sunday and found out that I had to go in for surgery. I was not happy and pretended that nothing hurt anymore and I just wanted to go home. I was really nervous for this surgery, even though it was my 5th. But we have great friends and family that were there to help. Jeff and Kitani were so nice and stayed the night with Kinley so that Dusty could stay with me. My surgery was so late that they wanted me there over night. Then my sister came and picked up Kinley and took her back to her house for a few days so that I could get some good healing time in since I wasn't suppose to pick her up.
The recovery went really well and I am feeling good. We are so blessed that everything went smoothly!

Kit captured this moment right before I went into surgery

Cort is an awesome kid. He was so happy to hang out with me before I went into surgery. He makes me smile. And how do you not love this pose? What a stud!


We have stayed very busy over the last little bit. Here are some snapshots from all of our fun

Kinley's favorite Christmas present. Mickey and Minnie. She likes them to sit by her all the time

She loves brushing her teeth

I get to hang out with her every day. She is a crack up

This is a picture from tonight. She was having a snack before bed. She was tired!

She loves to color and daddy loves to help

Whitney, Brady and Boden came for a quick weekend. It is so fun to see these 2 kids together. They are just a day apart. We always love when we get to see the Kenworthy's

This was Kinley's section on the tree. She did a great job not touching the other ornaments for the most part. But she loved helping decorate the house for Christmas

Kinley is always dancing and spinning around. When she gets tired she will just lay on the floor and laugh

She really likes to wear my glasses

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year Thanksgiving was at our house. My mom drove up from Vegas, and Tia's fam down from Idaho. My grandma and grandpa came and so did my cousin Hannah. It was fun having everyone there (and also great that my mom did the cooking, and it was delicious!!!) We had a great weekend with everyone. Side note - I didn't get any pictures of Kinley, Dax or my mom on Thanksgiving. Not sure how that happened

Trae and Kira loved their Mayflower boats with cookies

Grandpa Kay and Grandma Karen
Tia and Matt

Dusty and I - we are both super hot in this picture

We went to the Cracker Barrell one morning for breakfast and the kids loved the rockers

This is the look Kinley is constantly giving Dax

The kids love to hang out with Harley and give her treats

My Fair Lady

For my birthday this year, my sister got me tickets to see My Fair Lady up at the Hale Center Theatre. We had such a good time! The play was great and it was nice to hang out, just the 2 of us. Dusty was awesome and watched all of the kids so we could go. Thanks Tia!!