Friday, May 29, 2009

Surfing in Utah

Yesterday Dusty was able to go surfing at the new Lindon pool. His brother was going and invited Dusty along. They had a great time! I had to work, but Amy was able to take some pics for me. Thanks!

Dusty and Trenton
He loved every minute of it!

Looking Good!
Wipe Out!
Aiden watching Dusty and Trenton
Thanks Trenton for the invite. Dusty had a great time!

Monday, May 25, 2009

More Wedding

So I was taking pictures all night, and had to share a few!

Whitney and I
Me and Sadie - we were pals all weekend. She was such a great help!

Me and the Bride - she looked gorgeous as always
This was the face that Caleb (the Groom) pulled when I asked him how he felt after a very long day. It looks like he is still very happy - always a good sign!
Dusty was the BIGGEST help. He made sure that there was always food, and was always doing everything that was needed. What an amazing husband I have. I couldn't ask for a better guy!
Here he is making sure that he got some food.
Trae and Kira
They had a lot of fun dancing around.
They are so cute!

Wedding Party and Details

This weekend Kelsi, one of my oldest friends, got married!
She had such a great day and the wedding was beautiful. My mom, who know does weddings, did such an amazing job. It was gorgeous. Everything was top notch from the food to the decorations. She has such an eye for detail. Great job mom! And congrats Kelsi and Caleb!
The Food Table
Amazingly Delicious!

Brownie Turtle Truffles

Everyone had to have one of these

The Centerpiece

Caleb and Kelsi doing their first dance
It was so cute! It was choreographed and had the Kelsi flair

Making their grand exit through a tunnel of sparklers

See you later

Monday, May 18, 2009

UVU Car Show

This weekend was the UVU Car Show at Thanksgiving Point. Dusty goes every year, but it has been a couple since I have gone, so this year I thought I would tough it out. It ended up being more fun than I thought. Dusty gets so excited talking about cars, and showing me which ones are his favorite. Thanks for teaching me something Dusty, even if I can't retain it.
We also met up with Dusty's brother Trenton, his wife Amy and their little girl Aiden. It was fun! Aiden was wanting to touch all the cars and was making car noises.
After the show we went up to Texas Roadhouse (a fav) and had a great lunch
with Trenton and Amy. Thanks for a fun day guys!
Dusty and Aiden with his FAVORITE CAR
Shebly Cobra - he likes the '66, but I think that this one is a '65
We want one of these. It is a trike, but it looks super comfortable for a long drive

My favorite paint job. They had scenes from movies all along the sides.
Whoever did it, did a great job!

And last but not least, my funny picture of the day - Mullet with Bangs!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedensday Night Date

I have decided that everyone should do date night DURING the week. Last night we got together with some of our friends and did that exact thing. Actually, everyone should stick to the weekends so that during the week it is not busy :)
It all started at Red Robin which is one place that we can all agree on, and ended with seeing Wolverine. Hugh Jackman = HOT!!!!!
The movie was really good, and we had a great time!
Thanks guys! Jeff, Carlos and Dusty before the movie started Me and 2 of my favorite girls, Karly and Kitani
Dusty and I before the movie started

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laugh of the Day

So I found this website
Go and take a look and have a good laugh for the day!

Like husband, like wife, like child
She really likes her family!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day weekend was a lot of fun. My mom was up here from Las Vegas and it was a lot of fun spending time with her. On Sunday we had my mom, grandma and grandpa over for dinner and it was delicious!
This was the only picture I got with anyone in it.
Grandma Karen and Grandpa Kay brought some lilacs. They looked and smelled amazing!
It was a great weekend, and I just want so say Happy Mother's Day!

NCAA 2009 Volleyball Championship

So my husband has a really cool job that has great perks. He works for BYU doing xrays on call for certain sporting events. We get tickets to go to the events and have had a lot of fun!
This weekend was the NCAA Volleyball Championship and BYU was hosting it. They gave Dusty a call, and we went. We had a lot of fun!
Dusty's badge
Us enjoying the game!

UC Irvine won!! It was such a good game. The finals were UC Irvine vs USC
We found out a lot about the USC players from the opposing school. Such as one of them cheated on their best friend, and most of the them are pretty spoiled by their parents. It was really funny! So we were excited to see UC Irvine win!
And just a random shirt that I liked. Did anyone ever watch Rob and Big?
That is Meaty and Big! Love it!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Who doesn't know how to spell Birthday?

So because we are such horrible friends, we did not get to go out with Carlos for his birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago. Okay, it really isn't because we were bad friends it was because I got food poisioning for Costa Vida. Don't ever eat there! It was horrible, and I just couldn't imagine going out to dinner that night. Sorry Carlos!!! But last night at our weekly Grey's party, Kitani and Jeff were amazing and stopped by Dairy Queen and picked up a cake.
They decided to personalize it, and whoever did it, did a great job. :)
Who spells birthday like that?

That's okay, Carlos liked it anway! Happy Belated Birthday Carlos!