Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brad Paisley Concert

Dusty and I at the concert.
He was a little blinded by the light!

Our friends Shaun and Tammy that we went with

The man himself, Brad Paisley

This past Thursday Dusty and I went with our friends Shaun and Tammy to the Brad Paisley concert in Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun! He came with Rodney Atkins and Chuck Wicks who were both very good. But Brad was a great entertainer! So much fun to watch and so down to earth. We had a great time.

Ice Fishing

Dusty got the chance to go ice fishing last weekend with his dad, brother, uncle and some cousins.
They hadn't been since they were all little so it was a good time for them to catch up and
do something that they all used to love to do. This time it wasn't all about the fishing though.
They all were a little older and more adventerous. They decided to create a jump.
They had a snowmobile drag a snowboard behind and they went off the jump.
They all said that it was a blast!

The Building of the Jump

The Jump Being attempted

The real purpose for the whole trip!
They only caught 3 the whole day!

Fun Times with Friends

The past few months we have been able to have some pretty good times with our friends.
Dusty and I at the Utah Flash game. We have been able to go to a few tickets
through Dusty's work, and we get some pretty good seats. Thanks sports medicicine!

Tammy and I hanging out at the Flash game.

Bowling at Fat Cats

I think that was a strike! Go Babe!

Amber was kicking our butts there for awhile

Peter and Amber

Ali and Dusty - he is pulling his sexy face!


On December 14, 2007 Dustin Robert Batty graduated
from Weber State University with a Bachelor degree in
Radiologic Sciences with an emphasis in MRI

I was so proud of him. I met him when he started
the program, so it was exciting to see him finish!!

Dusty's family came to the graduation. In this picture I am
teaching his dad how to pose. It looks like he is doing a pretty good job!