Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Reunion in Soda Springs

We headed up to Soda Springs for a family reunion. It was a great way to end our summer, and a nice little break for Dusty as he starts school again! We had such a great time, playing games, eating good food, and amazing people to hang out with. Thanks everyone for such a great time!
Cousin Zeke, my mom and Dusty doing a kick line - looks pretty good
Dusty playing softball before he got hurt
(he torn his fingernail and there was a lot of blood - it made me sick, so I am not putting a picture up of it)

My cousin Elaine's little girl, Lorna, turned 4 while we were up there. Elaine did a party for her. It was so cute, and Lorna had a great time!

The little kids on their scavenger hunt with the help of Hannah

Us just hanging out

Trae is so good at baseball. He hits the ball and has a killer throw

Ryan had some great style

Me and Kira watching the volleyball game

The intense volleyball game

Monday, August 24, 2009

Before the Jump

For Dusty's birthday this year I, along with my mother got him a skydiving experience. Dusty along with Jeff, his mom and her cousin went skydiving. They had a blast!
Signing their lives away - but looking happy doing it

Matt and Travis (my bosses) were there jumping as well. If it wasn't for Travis, Dusty wouldn't have ever been able to go. Travis is the one that convinced me it was "safe"

Getting his harness on - very important It was very uncomfortable to walk in

The Jump

Dusty was ready to go!

Having the time of his life

Big Smile
On the ground with Fish

After the Jump

Dusty made it safely to the ground. I wasn't super worried, but maybe just a little bit. As he was falling he was screaming my name. What a cute husband I have! He was so excited. He was ready to go again.

Jeff and Dusty

Dusty and I - I was wearing his hat. It was hot!

Kitani and Jeff - she was happy to have it over with
The 4 of us

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dusty and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens for a date last night. It probably wasn't Dusty's first choice, but he was a good sport. Thanksgiving Point has $2 Tuesdays so we decided to take advantage. They have such gorgeous flowers there, and it was fun to just take a relaxing walk around. We finished the night off at Texas Roadhouse, so Dusty can't complain too much.

At the Secret Garden

Dusty hanging out at the Secret Garden

This was the sunset on the drive home.
I got this picture while driving
Gorgeous!!! Amazing Colors!

Fairview with the Schlappi's

Monday night Dusty and I went down to Fairview to see our friends Tyler and Tilly. It was so good to see them, and have a good night out. Their kids are getting so big! We had a campfire and got to ride some horses. It is gorgeous up there! Thanks for a fun night Schlappi's!

McKay - he is so cute!
Maliah eating some yummy cobbler. She loved it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kira is 2

Kira had a birthday!!!!
Dusty and I went up to Idaho on Sunday to help Miss Kira J celebrate her birthday. She has such a fun personality and is so independent. We love having her in our family!

Dusty helped Trae wrap Kira's presents
Dora Pinata from Grammy

Sweet Birthday Girl

Kira opening up her presents
And Tia with her cute pregnant belly!

Whitney and Brady become Mr & Mrs

On Friday, August 14th, Whitney and Brady were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Dusty and I were able to go to the sealing and it was beautiful. We are so happy for them!! Congrats Whit and Brady!
The happy couple coming out of the temple
She was a gorgeous bride
And Brady looked good too

Brianne, Whitney, Kelsi and Ali
I also got to see my friend Destiny there!!
It was lots of fun seeing everyone

Lagoon and a Demoltion Derby

This weekend we went to Lagoon and had a lot of fun!

Dusty and I on the big ferris wheel
Jeff and Kitani on the ferris wheel

I hate this ride - but I smiled for the camera anyway!
Re-Entry - only Dusty and Jeff wanted to go on that one
Kitani and I did go on Blast Off though

On Saturday night we went to the Demolition Derby in Spanish Fork.
Sorry for the bad photos - they are from my phone
That car was really crunched!
The black car with green wheels won it all

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trae and Kira

Here are some cute pictures of Trae and Kira from this last week

After running in the sprinklers. Kira is trying to do a thumbs up like Trae

This is a picture that Karly took of them - it is my fav!
Eating breakfast
Dusty and Kira - he is pulling one of Kira's grouchy faces

Trae and Kira in Dusty's and YaYa's bed watching a show
They thought that was pretty cool