Friday, July 31, 2009

Ribs, Singing, and Dancing Makes for a Great Night

So my birthday is coming up in the next few days and my friend Karly decided to make a night out of my birthday present. We started it off at Texas Roadhouse for some amazingly delicious rolls, ribs and steak. And we ended up at the Hale Center Theater for Hello Dolly. It was great! The singing and dancing was very entertaining and the lad who played Dolly was fantastic. Thanks Karly for the awesome birthday present, I had a great time!!

Hello Dolly!!!
I think she felt inspired to act!

Waiting for the play to start
This girl was one of the leads in the play and from Karly's home ward, so we had to stop and say hello

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spanish Fork Rodeo

This is our third rodeo of the year and we love it!
We met up with Jeff and Kitani and hung out at the carnival for a bit and then headed over to the rodeo. Dusty's family met us there. The rodeo was great!
Dusty and Ali
Ali and Kitani

Jeff and Kitani

Monday, July 20, 2009

Painting Projects

This weekend we were really productive, and by we I mean Dusty, Jeff and Kitani. :) I bought paint probably a good year ago to paint my bathroom. I just never got around to it, but have been thinking about it a lot these last couple of weeks. Well Friday while Dusty was at home, he taped off the bathroom so that we could get to work on Saturday. We got up and started painting. I called Kitani to ask her opinion on something, and her and Jeff showed up 15 minutes later and ready to work. We ended up painting the bathroom and an accent wall in our room an amazing color of purple. It is so dark and gorgeous! It is Hotel Room by Ralph Lauren. I love it!! Thanks guys for all of your hard work. You guys are awesome. And thanks Dusty for getting me going. It still wouldn't be done by the end of the year if it was up to me.

Jeff and Kitani got busy
These 2 were very aware of all the imperfections.
Jeff and I thought it looked good!

The finished bathroom
The bedroom wall
Sorry the pictures didn't come out that great, but you get the idea!

Golfing Range Fun

Saturday night we met up with some friends at the driving range. We had a good time.
Karly - she is really concentrating

Dusty and I
I love this picture of Dusty

Harley Dog

So the other day I was hanging out outside while Dusty was watering the flowers
and I started to decorate Harley. She did not like it!!
But I thought that it was funny and she looked so cute!

This was her when she rolled her eyes at me!
She was not amused

Monday, July 13, 2009

Anniversary - Melting Pot, Park City and Lagoon

I love anniversaries!!! And I love that I have a husband who likes to go and do something for them. It makes it so much more fun. We might as well take advantage while we don't have kids to get out and go do something.

Dusty and I at the Melting Pot
Love this place!!!
Delicious chocolate!!!!
Baja Cantina in Park City
Dusty said to not put this picture on the blog, but he wouldn't be normal for a good picture so this one goes on the blog. ha ha
We stayed at the Westgate up in Park City. It was so relaxing and fun. We swam and snacked and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. I love that movie!!
This is the yummy breakfast that we had on Friday morning.
Who doesn't want eclairs with their breakfast?
Dusty hanging out in our room
We then decided to go to Lagoon. We had a great time, but we were exhausted by the end of the day. This is us after our long day. We both look super hot.

This is a picture of my hot leg. We sat in the lazy river for almost 2 hours, and I did some weird job on the sunscreen. It even looks better in person.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 Years as Mr. & Mrs.

4 YEARS!!! Wow! The time has flown and it has been a lot of fun!
Thanks Dusty for being so amazing, and being so patient. I think that we both lucked out when we found each other. Here is a look on our wedding and past anniversaries.
(Sorry I don't have any pics from our 2nd year we were up in Park City)

1st Year- Las Vegas. It was hot!!!! But we still had a good time

3rd Year - Snowbird and the Melting Pot (that tradition will stay!)

Looking forward to the many years to come and exciting new adventures!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

The 4th of July was so much fun!! We relaxed during the day, and then that night we had some friends and family over for a BBQ. It was filled with delicious food, and a great times. Thanks everyone for coming and helping out! That night we headed up to Provo to watch the Stadium of Fire Fireworks. It was a great way to end the weekend!

This is the only picture that I got from the BBQ - Strawberry Triffle!!!
It was a hit! Thanks mom for making it.
Jordan, Kitani, Ali and Karly before going to the fireworks

Me and my mom watching the fireworks
It was so much fun that she came up for the weekend

Dusty and my mom - she was a good head rest
The group - Jeff is absent because he had to work at the Stadium of Fire

Freedom Festival and Fun Festivities

The weekend was fun filled. Friday we headed over to the Freedom Festival to see if anything was going on that we were interested in. We stayed for a bit, but then went to eat at the Olive Garden. Yummy!

Kitani and I standing next to the homemade candles - pretty cool!

Love Love this picture of Dusty!
He was trying to get away from the camera!

Mom, Dusty and I
We were so patriotic!!!! (but not on purpose)

After the festival and dinner we headed back to our house with Jeff and Kitani and messed around. The boys were doing tricks and Dusty was having a good time with some fireworks. We decided to take a break and play a game of Wizard while we waited for it to get dark. Good tip when playing Wizard - use a British accent one round. It was hilarious!!! Once it got dark we were ready for some sparklers!!!!
Kitani and Jeff were dueling!!! I am not sure who won

Kitani LOVES her sparklers!

Mom got in on the fun!
Dusty was a rebel and chose some "different" fireworks
Jeff and Kitani

Ali and Dusty

Kitani and Ali - they were a little smokey!
We had so much fun!!!
Thanks for sharing your sparklers!
It was a great weekend!