Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday Fun!

This past Saturday was fun filled!

It all started out with a nice massage. There is never a better way to start out your day.

After my nice massage, Dusty and I met up with the Jolley's to play at the Children's Museum up at the Gateway. We had so much fun, and the kids were a crack up. They thought everything was so much fun, and they were also excited to see their YaYa and Uncle Dust. As soon as Trae saw us, he ran and gave us the biggest hug. He is a great little guy! The museum had everything from a little house, to a farm, to a grocery store.

The kids were always wanting to be around Uncle Dust. He had to sit with them in the cool car!
Here is Tia with her cute little baby bump! (this was the best pic I could get)

Trae thought it was great that he got to ring up the groceries

They had a life sized horse for the kids!

He is going to be a great cook!

How cute!!!

Buying groceries!

Kira REALLY enjoying an egg roll

We finshed up our night at the great restaraunt Texas Roadhouse with our awesome friends Bryan and Jen! It was amazing food and great conversation. We miss hanging out with them. We always have such a great time and laugh a lot! Thanks for the fun night guys!!! And thanks Jolley's for an awesome day at the museum. We love hanging out with you! Love ya!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jazz vs Lakers

So that sweet husband of mine, King of the Last Minute Deals, got us tickets to the Jazz game last night. At first I wasn't too excited, but I am so glad that I went. It was intense and it was a great game! I am glad that it was a blow out either way. And Dusty took me to one of my fav restaraunts before the game, Pei Wei! It was delicious! Us before the game started - I was already tired.
So this guy was sitting in front of us.
There is just no way that I wasn't going to take a picture of that hair!

That is Kobe on the floor and that is why I posted this picture! HAHAHAHA

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Weather

This weekend we enjoyed the warm weather. It was such a nice change. Dusty worked outside and he always makes our yard look so nice! And Harley enjoyed the time that Dusty spent with her outside. She can't get enough of him. She likes to follow him around, and just hang out. She is the best dog. And I love that picture of her. She is cute!
Our tulips have been out and I have been enjoying them! They are gorgeous. Too bad they can't last all year. I guess I will have to decide what other flowers I want.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Homemade Pizza and Twilight

Every Thursday night we have a get together at our house to watch Grey's Anatomy with some of our best friends. Last night Grey's wasn't on, so we took the opprotunity to watch a movie instead. We made some amazing homemade pizza (Dusty did the dough - what a babe!) and watch Twilight. Karly and Carlos had never seen it, so we watched it. It was a very entertaining night to say the least. Good food, great convo, and an entertaining movie.

Pepperoni and Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Karly and Carols were being Bella and Edward
Intense Awkward Stare!