Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kira Turns 1!!!

Our amazing niece Kira is turning 1 today! She is such a sweet girl, and we love having her a part of our family. We are so excited that she will be closer very soon. Happy Birthday Kira J!
Love Auntie YaYa and Uncle Dust

Monday, August 11, 2008

Park City and Family Reunion

This past weekend we had a lot of fun. On Friday night Dusty planned a big birthday party for me up in Park City. We stayed at the Westgate Resort and ate at my fav restaraunt the Baja Cantina. Delicious!!! There was about 12 of us at dinner and then Dusty and I along with our friends Peter and Amber, and Karly and Carlos stayed the night. We stayed up until about 2:30, playing games, talking, and lots of laughing. We had a blast! Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks Dust for planning it.
Then on Saturday we had my mom's side family reunion. (sorry I didn't take any pics) It was so much fun seeing everyone. My mom came up with the game Survivor. We were split into 3 teams and we were trying to win the "family unity" neclace. My team kicked butt!!!! We had an obstacle course, put together a puzzle, quiz, and who could eat certain foods the fastest. I had to eat vienna sausages. I wouldn't do it at first, but then I shoved them down and won that round for my team! It was so much fun, and it helps that we won too! So all in all
we had a fabulous weekend.

The room at Westgate. This is the only pic of Dusty that I got all weekend
Me relaxing in the tub. I wish I would have had time to really do it!Me, Karly, Carlos, Peter and Amber (clockwise starting from the left)- Dust is taking the pic
No one knew I was taking the pic.
Karl, Amy, Trenton, Karen, Baby Aiden, Doyle and Peter again

Friday, August 8, 2008


I finished it last night, and wow!!! was it good. I loved it. So intereting, but so amazing. Stephenie Meyer is such a great writer. If you have read the book, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!!! I don't want to say anything on a post that could spoil it for everyone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dusty turns 27 Today

Dusty opening his presents
I made this candy bar poster for my cute husband. I did it in about 15 minutes, so it could look better, but he loved it and that is all that matters.
So my amazing husband turns 27 today. And her are a few reasons he is the best ever
1. He is so understanding of my emotional side. He has learned how to comfort and not fix things. I think it takes a lot of guys many years to learn how to do that.
2. He is so willing to try things that I love. He has been to a few dance concerts, plays, and has even watched a couple of muscials with me.
3. He is hilarious! Whenever I am in a bad mood, he is there to put a smile on my face.
4. He is an amazing primary teacher. We teach the 5-6 year olds and they
ALL love him to pieces.
5. He loves me unconditionally!!!! That is the best thing ever. He even loves me when
I drive him crazy.
He is so amazing and I am so thankful to have him in my life. Happy Birthday Dust!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ali had a Birthday

So this past Saturday I turned the big 22! Really nothing exciting happens when you turn 22, but I had a great day. I was pretty spoiled. Here are some highlights: I got to sleep in, but Trae my wonderful nephew called me around 8 and woke me up to see a wonderful song "Happy Birthday". He calls me YaYa, and he is adorable. Then we went to breakfast at the Craker Barrel. I had some awesome french toast. Then I got to torture Dusty and go see Mama Mia with him. (come to find out he didn't mind it as much as he thought he would. Who can resist ABBA!!!) Then I got a pedicure. It was a great way to top off the day. I have an amazing husband who thinks of everything. Thanks sweetie! Love you!