Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Not only is Kinley now a California Baby, she is also a Vegas Baby (maybe she just likes all the warm weather) We spent a few days in Vegas after Cali before heading back to Utah. We love spending time with Grammy!

Visiting Grammy at work
At the fountain show at the Bellagio
At the Bellagio

The gardens at the Bellagio were decorated for Chinese New Year. It was really cool!

Beach Time

So I had to break up our California trip into a couple of posts because we took so many pictures.
This was our last night in California. We loved watching the sunset every night and I was glad that we got some fun pictures.

Dusty and Kinley
Kinley hanging out
Family Pics
Cute girl

The water was FREEZING!!
Kinley and Grammy
Grammy, Dusty and Kinley
Kinley would not smile for anything in this picture

Farmers Market in Oceanside

The last day we were in California, we went to the Farmers Market. They had a lot of fresh produce, delicious bread, and all sorts of fun stuff. I wish that we could have farmers markets year round.

I got some delicious cranberry orange scone there

Last picture in California on our balcony

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Tonight Show with Jason Stathom

While we were in California, Dusty really wanted to go to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I am not a huge fan but decided that it would be fun. It was totally worth it because Jason Stathom (Italian Job, The Transporter, etc) was going to be the guest! I love him!!! We went with Jeff and Kitani and my mom was awesome and watched Kinley for us. She said that her and Kinley would hang out on the beach all day. It was a raly fun experience. My favorite part, aside from Jason Stathom, was the band. They were awesome and really entertaining.

The 4 of us before we left
After the taping

Jeff and Kit
We stopped in Huntington Beach on our way home to eat at Fred's. AMAZING!!!!! I love that place!

Pool Time

Our hotel had a heated pool so we took advantage! Kinley really liked it and I just love her giraffe swimsuit!!

On our balcony
Hanging out in the pool with mom and dad

She was even kicking her legs and moving her arms - I think we may have an early swimmer

Kinley in California

Kinley is starting to figure out eating and she loves it!

Eating lunch - that is Kinley's new fav toy Sophie the Giraffe from Grammy

Eating lunch in Oceanside at Longboarders - so good!!
She likes water
This little one was ready to go

Frist Trip to the Beach

We went to the beach the next morning. I love the ocean! We hung out there for a little bit. Kinley wasn't quite sure at first, but she liked it after she got used to everything

Dusty and Kinley
Feeling the sand
Mom and Kins
Jeff and Kit came down with us too!
They didn't know I was taking their picture :)

Oceanside 2011

We had been needing to get out of Utah and the miserable cold weather, so we made our way down to Vegas and California for the last 10 days. It was a much needed break from life and cold weather, and Kinley has officialy become a California Girl!

We got her some sunglasses for California
and here she is modeling the pink pair

Kinley is ready for the drive to California
On the pier at Oceanside
Our hotel was right on the beach
View from our balcony

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is this? A tongue!

This last weekend, we went out with Jeff and Kitani to dinner at to the Flash game. We had a great night. Kinley was all about watching the game and she did really good! In the middle of the game she found her tongue. It was hilarious, she was doing all sorts of tricks with it!

At the game
Jeff, Kitani, Ali and Kinley - she was too interested in the game to look at Dusty