Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Football Game

Kinley experienced her first flag football game. We went with Kitani to watch Jeff play over in Provo. Kinley did great! Dusty walked around with her, and explained everything that was going on. I think she liked watching Uncle Jeff play. We just might have to make it to a couple more of his games. Taking it all in
Looking up at her daddy
She was interested in everything he had to say

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life at Home

Going Home

We made it home on Wednesday, August 4th. We were ready to be back to our own house, and to have Kinley home too.
Aunt Tia made Kinley a giraffe bow and giraffe blanket to match her cute onesie to go home.

Content in her carseat (that lasted a week)
Grammy (my mom) had a sign for when we game home.
Dusty is a proud daddy!!


Kinley has had a lot of visitors. I think everyone was just as excited to meet her as we were. I wanted to get pictures of everyone who came, but that just didn't happen. We were glad that we got to see so many people.

Great Grandma Karen
My sister and her kids came - they LOVE Kinley and are pretty protective
Dusty is holding Tia's youngest Dax who was 9 months in the picture. Quite the size difference

Trae holding Kinley. We like to call him the Baby Hog

Amy, Aiden and Trenton came to see her
Great Grandma Christensen
Kitani - when Kinley looks a little Asian sometimes, we just say that she is taking after her Aunt Kitani :)
Dad changing her diaper - he is a professional!
Skin to skin contact. It was her favorite!
Look at those chubby cheeks. She doesn't have those anymore.

Kinley's Birth Day

We went to the American Fork hospital August 1 at 6:15 am for a scheduled C-section.

It was really weird driving there because it didn't seem like we were going to have a baby. I was feeling good, and was just a little anxious.

Dusty was prepared

In the delivery room - last picture pregnant

We started to get excited!!

This is the last family picture of just the two of us

Giving me some fluids and monitoring the baby before I went into the operating roomBaby Kinley is born. When the nurse told me she was 8 lbs 2 oz, I think my words were "she is so big" and then when I got to see her for the first time, I couldn't believe how cute she was. We were so excited to have her here.

Because it was a C section that had to put her on oxygen for an hour. Dusty went down to the nursery with her while my doctor got me all stiched up.
After about an hour, I was sent down to Mother Baby and I finally got to hold Kinley. She was so small, and I just couldn't believe that she was really here. But we got to spend some time together and everyone was able to come see her.

August Birthdays

So Kinley was born in August and she joins a bunch of us in the family with birthdays this month. Happy Birthday to everyone!

Miss Kira J turned 3 on the 16th
I turned 24 on the 2nd (yes, I know I am incredibly hot in this picture)
I celebrated my birthday in the hospital. My mom brought me a delicious cake to celebrate!

Dusty turned 29 (you know what that means next year...30)
He celebrated at Burger Supreme. This was Kinley's first outing, not in the hospital or clinic
Rilyn Batty joined the Batty family on the 16th
This 2 cousins are just 15 days apart - that could be trouble
My mom had a birthday on the 18th. She was here with us for 2 weeks, and was an AWESOME help. Kinley loved having her Grammy around.
Grandpa Kay also had a birthday on the 16th. Here he is with Kinley at the hospital
So a quick recap
1st - Kinley
2nd - Ali
6th - Dusty
16th - Kira, Grandpa Kay, Rilyn
18th - My Mom
Hope everyone had a fabulous birthday!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Couple of New Ones

I haven't gotten around to doing a full post yet. So here are some new pics for you before I do.

She is already smiley!
This is what she has been up to today

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kinley C Batty

Kinley C Batty was born August 1, 2010 at 7:58 an
She weighed 8lbs & 2 oz and was 18in long
We are so excited to have her here!
There will be more pics to come
Our cute little family in the OR