Monday, September 28, 2009

Women's Conference

Women's Conference was this past Saturday night and I met up with my sis, aunt and cousin to go. My grandma was able to sing in the choir. She was so excited and we were all pumped to see her. The choir was amazing. I pointed my grandma out to my sister like a 5 year old when I saw her. I was so proud! The speakers were also amazing. It was a very fun night

All the women going in

me and Tia after the conference
My aunt Sandy, Tia, Me and Hannah

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cougar Football

Dusty got us season tickets to the BYU games this year again. He does the xrays for the team if anyone gets hurt, and he gets tickets for doing it. It is a nice perk! When we got to the game the engery was crazy. Everyone was so excited, but it didn't last too long. BYU just couldn't pull it out. It was still fun to go to the game though.
Dusty and I before the game!

He was a die hard Florida fan

These people were not true BYU fans - they got up and left and didn't support the team. MANY others followed. I have never seen so many people leave in the middle of the 3rd quarter

We weren't too sure about BYU either :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're going back to the 60's

Last night we traveled back to the 60's. We became little housewives and made homemade raspberry jam!! Kitani and I decided to show off our domestic side and impress our husbands. Kitani had never made jam before and thought that she was going to ruin it, but don't worry, me the experienced jam maker (I made it one other time) helped her out. She did great! Some of our batches were a really light pink, and then they seemed to get darker. They all tasted good, so that is what matters right? Here are some pictures taken back in the 60's at my house last night.
Kitani was really good!
This is pretty much the best picture that I have ever taken, and I thought that I would share it with everyone. :)
We were happy while we did it!
Our Jam!!!

Kitani had one batch that didn't fill up a full container so she had to put half and half in the container. It worked because she is also half Japanese!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in B-Town for the EISF

Dusty and I were able to make it up to Blackfoot for the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Love it! We had a great time, and ate AMAZING food, as always. We met up with Tia and the kids during the day, and Whitney and Brady later that night for the demolition derby.
Dusty and Kira on the carousel
Me and Trae - he thought it was great!

getting ready to go
FUNNEL CAKE - the best ever
Dusty enjoying his funnel cake
Brady, Whitney, Me, Dusty - after a long day at the fair
We stopped at Wal Mart on our way out of Blackfoot, and of course we made a dog tag for Harley while we were there. Whitney was amazed!
We then went up to Rexburg and stayed the night with Whit & Brade. We got to sleep in and then they made us a yummy breakfast. Thanks!
We had such a good time. Fun with family and friends! Thanks everyone for an amazing weekend!

Fun with the Galloway's

So back in August, Dusty's best friend from childhood Aaron and his wife Jen came to Utah and we got to hang out with them. We had so much fun, and Jen sent me some pictures, so I figured that I should finally do a post about it!
We started off the night by going to my fav mexican restaraunt in Springville, Joe Bandidos. It was delicious. The rest of Dusty's family met up with us too.
Aaron and Dusty - it almost looks like they are holding hands. Cute!

We played an awesome game of Ligretto. I love it!!! It is one of my fav games.
I was doing good!
Jeff and Kitani came over and joined in on the fun
Driving in the car - don't mind me, but I just wanted to show this picture of my husband driving with his eyes closed. Don't worry he doesn't do it a lot

Aaron was scared for his life, but Jen was just having a good time

Thanks again for the great time! We love it when you guys visit

Friday, September 4, 2009


On Wednesday night Rochelle, who Dusty works with, invited Dusty and I to go out wakeboarding with her family. We had a blast! It was a little cold, but I found it really fun to watch Dusty even though he made me nervous. Thanks Rochelle and family for a fun time!

Here is Rochelle - she is really good
Rochelle's husband, DC. He was doing amazing tricks.
I was super impressed!

There 9 year old daughter Darian - she already competes
I couldn't believe how good she was

Dusty getting some air
My favotire shot that I got all night
Below is a video that I took on my phone of Dusty

Berry Picking

My sister and her kids came to visit, and my mom decided to take time out of her busy summer playing in Huntington Beach to come visit too. They had been trying to decide what they were going to do for the night and they decided on picking blackberries. So because I am all Super Susie Homemaker (or I like to pretend that I am), I decided to go with my family and pick some blackberries to make some yummy jam and maybe some syrup. We had so much fun. I didn't do a lot of picking. Trae an Kira each had their own little bucket, and were such good pickers. I taught them to just dump what was in their bucket into mine. Yes, I know, really smart of me. :) But it was a great night, and we finished it off with blackberry milkshakes when we got home. Delicious!!

The group getting ready to go pick some berries
we picked berries at McBride Farms. He was so helpful and tied Trae and Kira's buckets on Picking away
the berries were huge! it almost filled all of Trae's hand Blackberry Plant - the red ones aren't ripe yet. I thought that they were raspberries. Whoops!

Tia is being SUPER hot!!! She is so cute pregnant
And to finish off the post - the many crazy faces of Kira