Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bewitching Season

The Halloween season came up on us quick. Dusty's dad turned 60 and his mom asked me to do a surprise 60th Halloween party (I still need to get the pics from Chandi, her and I spent a lot of time putting everything together) So my time was spent planning this awesome party. We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch or Gardner Village, but we still got to enjoy my favorite holiday with a party

All of us dressed up: Me- Witch, Kimley - cat, Dusty- broomstick (his was last minute, but I thought I did a pretty good job)

Kinley and I at the party

Dakota and Jeff had a Halloween party on the Saturday before and we had to go. She had delicious cupcakes and fun games. We had to call it an early night because little miss was grouchy. But we still had a great time!

Kinley and Daddy

They played a game where they had to stack 3 golfballs on top of one another. Dusty was determined to do it. He got 2, but could never quite get that 3rd one

Kinley had to "help"

Dakota was so close!

Dress Up Day

We had a lot of fun on Halloween. During the day we didn't do much. Dusty was able to go fishing with his dad and didn't get back till late so we just hung out at the house. Jeff, Kitani and Cort came over and that is always a good time. We decided to paint pumpkins, but Kitani and I were the only ones that did it. Kinley was going to wear her bee costume but was having none of it so she was a cat twice :)

Cute Kitty Cat

Kinley likes to flirt with Uncle Jeff

Cort the cute pumpkin

This is what happened when we tried to get a picture of the 2 of them. Kinley wanted his hat, and Cort wanted her skirt

Kinley folded her arms when she was done

Kitani, Cort and Jeff

Vampire cupcakes

Kitani and her pumpkin - which one is which???
My stellar pumpkins. I just don't have the skill that Kitani does

Friday, November 4, 2011

One for the History Book

**Disclaimer** This is being written at midnight, so I don't claim on responsibility for spelling errors/grammatical errors/etc

Have you ever had one of those nights that you know you aren't going to ever forget? I had one of those on the 25th of October with Kitani. Dusty surprised me with tickets to go see the play 'Menopause the Musical' with Kitani. We were excited to have a adult girl's night while the boys watched the kids. We headed up to Salt Lake and headed over to the Gateway for some dinner before the play. We decided on Ztejas (which we refer to as Zendejas, in honor of our friend Karly) as we both wanted to try something new.

When we walked into the restaraunt the guy at the host desk said "I don't work here." Kitani and I must have looked quite confused because then he went into well he works for the company but not at that specific location, but that he was from corporate. Someone that actually "worked" there came and saved us and showed us to our table. After dinner we had a little time to kill so we decided to walk around the shops. We went to Anthropologie and the Z gallerie, where I found an amazing glitter skeleton for $9 because all of their Halloween was marked down 70%. I love it when that happens. Anyway, we are just taking our time talking about everything that we want and that we could probably make most of the things in the stores because we are so crafty and experienced (yeah not so much). Kitani then realizes that we have exactly 17 minutes to be to the play. So we head back to the car. The only problem with that statement, is that we could not find the car. (Sidenote: n a normal occasion this never would have happened to us. We are both always looking around us when we park and making sure that we knew which level we are on) We went down the stair and down the escalators and back up. I knew that the level we had parked on was an orange/red color but that was pretty much it, and the majority are that color. So we continue to search, at this point we are laughing and can't believe that this is happening to us. We don't think we are going to make it to the play, so we are just laughing and still looking for the car. AHHHH, success! The car has been found. We hurry throw our bags in and head out. We pull up google maps for directions and head out. I love google maps, but not so much this time. I am driving and going the wrong way, but eventually get back on track. I am speeding and cutting people off, but I don't care, I have 5 minutes until the play starts and the whole time Kitani and I continue to laugh. We find the theater and there is parking right across the street. We pull in and go to the kiosk to pay. The people in front of us couldn't quite figure it out and I am about ready to elbow my way in. But I wait. Finally we pay and I run back to put the ticket on the car. We then run across the street and into the building. At this point, I am delusional and getting out of breath from the running and laughing. I see an old man who looks offical in a uniform and frantically ask where will call is. I am surprised I didn't give him a heart attack with how frantic I have become. He points me down the hall and Kitani and I take off running again. She is laughing and has to stop occasionaly because after a baby there is no doing anything while laughing. This makes me laugh harder. I find the hall but there is only a door with letters on the other side and no handle and I dont think that I can get it. Kitani is laughing at me because that is the door I go through. We get our tickets and run to our seats. Well we run to the wrong section and a nice lady informs us to head up the stairs because we are on the front row of the balacony. So we run up the flight of stairs and find our seats. We are 5 minutes late but they still let us in. We sit down and are still laughing because we can't believe it happened to us. The play didn't start for another 5 minutes (they must have known that Utah runs on Mormon Standard Time). The play was hilarious, having gone through medical menopause myself, I completely related. It is a must see! Kitani and I then enjoyed a nice ride home where laughing continued. It was a night that I am sure we won't forget.

Kitani and I before the play started. Please excuse this picture, we were a little out of breath and shiny after all of the excitement

Sorry if this post rambled and it didn't make any sense. It was all clear in my mind, but that does not mean that it will make sense to anyone else.

As a side note: anyone seen A league of their own? Well the not so cute one that has to be made over, she was one of the 4 ladies in the play. I thought it was kind of funny!

Jackson Hole in the Fall

In October, Dusty had a chance to do a clinic in Jackson Hole. I had grown up going there every summer, and Dusty had never been. So we thought it would be a fun time to go. We had a great long weekend. It was completely different than summer, but still a lot of fun. The weather stayed pretty nice (we were worried it was going to snow) and we did a lot of walking around and seeing all of the fall colors. We also ate at some delicious places and just enjoyed being able to get away with the 3 of us.

Jackson Hole Town Center
Kinley and Dusty
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

We thought about going to dinner there, but we obviously couldn't take Kinley. I just kept on thinking to myself "You have a a bar"

Me and Albert

We got friendly

Dusty and Abe

Dusty and Kinley at Bubba's

AMAZING! I recommend going here if you are ever in Jackson. It is so good. I got the pulled pork this time and it was delicious

One of my other favorite places for pasteries (Dusty also loves them) or breakfast/lunch. Kinley was a fan of the food too

Dusty and Kinley and Billy's Burgers

This picture is a little blurry but I love Kins in it

the antler arches

One of my favorite pictures of Kinley

We stayed at the Best Western Lodge at Jackson Hole and they have bears everywhere. Kinley constantly was saying hi to them and wanting to talk to them. She is sticking out her tongue like this bear

We all had a great trip. We loved having time to relax and spend time together.

Family Pictures

Dusty's family got pictures done in September. Kinley is normally great for pictures, but she was not a fan of this photographer. She pretty much just gave her crusty looks all day. So I was happy that a few pictures turned out alright :)

Me and my hot hot hubby
Amy and Trenton

Grandparents and Grandkids
(Kinley has maybe a smile?)

The boys

Love this picture of Kinley

Amy got her to smile. Thanks!


Rilyn and Aiden smiling nice for the camera, Kinley not so much

the fam


The last month or so has been busy at our house. So here are a few pictures to catch up

Kinley loves her horse. This is what she does as I do laundry

We went up to park city to do some shopping for Kinley

Cute Girl

Dusty and Kinley on a Saturday night

She always wants something on her head

She loves to play with her balls - and has to be able to carry all of them

Chandi helped me paint my kitchen. She was an amazing help!

The red wall - I will try to get more pictures of how everything turned out