Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chayote Squash

I love Bounitful Baskets. It is an awesome way to get produce for a better price and let me try new produce that I never would buy at the store. There are times that I don't know what certain things are or what to do with them. For example, last week I got a chayote squash. I recieved 3 of them, and they have sat there for a week because I just did not know what to do with them. I googled recipes, nothing sounded great so finally I just decided that I would make it into some baby food for Kinley. She eats a lot of stuff, so she might eat this. Well today, I get it all cut up and started cooking when I realize that the top of my fingers on my left hand are starting to feel a little numb. I wash my hands and I was them again, still numb. I look down and the tops are kind of white like there is no circulation getting to them. I start freaking out, Dusty calmly tells me to look up side effects. I do and realize that I am not loosing my mind and it has happened to others. The sap of the chayote squash can leave a numb/tingly feeling that should go away within a day, oh and another awesome side effect, it will make your hands peel and take off a layer of skin.

So that is my adventure today in cooking - don't use chayote squah. (the flavor wasn't very good anyway) or if you do decide to try it, where gloves while cutting it just in case :)

this is what a chayote squash looks like
I couldn't get a really good picture of my peeling hands, but I will post it later if I do


The R Crew said...

We LOVE Bountiful Baskets TOO!!! Luckily we didn't have this experience with the squash but it wasn't a big hit at our house either. Sorry about your hands!

Kedar Sharma said...

We eat lot of Chayote mostly because its low calorie property and neutral taste. If you want to get rid of its sap, cut its tip and dip in water, most of the sap comes out.