Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Years Eve

We were trying to decide what to do for New Years Eve this year and found Eve SLC. We were able to go to some museums, the planetarium and a few others things, and it lasted 3 days. 

The first day, Dusty was working, so we took Grammy with us to the Childrens Gateway Museum and the Leonardo Museum. Kinley loved both of them. 
 Grammy helped Kinley make a Harley dog out of clay

New Years Eve we headed out to the Clark Planetarium and watched a Let it Snow movie and then got to see some fireworks outside. It was great because we didn't have to wait for midnight to see fireworks and Kinley thought it was awesome. It was a great end to a great year. 

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a lot of fun. We opened presents at our house in the morning with Grammy and then went back to Dusty's parents house that afternoon. 

Santa Came!
 Very excited to start opening presents
 She got a lot of dress ups
 And a hula hoop (yes she also got a jump rope)

And a dress up closet. Santa (Papa Doyle) did awesome in making the closet
 She got a super hero cape
 Daddy got lots of gift cards
 Cute coat

Pez is the best ever
 Hanging out with Grandma C
 Loves dress up!

Christmas Eve

We headed over to Dusty's parents house on Christmas Eve. 

The girls decorated cookies for Santa

And decorated Gingerbread Houses
 Dusty and I just don't have the skills that Trenton does, he did awesome on the gingerbread house

 Here is Trenton's finished product

We headed back to our house at night and Kinley opened her new pajamas. She loved it!
 So excited to go to bed so that Santa can come

Dance Recital, Christmas Parties, Traditions

December did not slow down for us. We just kept going. 

Kinley had her Christmas dance recital and did an awesome job. She loved performing. 
 Cort and Kitani, as well as my Grandma Karen and Grandpa Kay came to watch her as well. So fun!

We didn't make it up to Temple Square with the Anderson's this year but we kept up the Christmas lights tradition down at the Riverwoods in Provo. Cort and Kinley even visited Santa to make sure that he was bringing them presents. Kinley asked for a hula hoop and jump rope. 

The Christensen party was lots of fun. Santa and Mrs. Claus came for a visit. 
The request from Kinley was the same, a hula hoop and jump rope

Ward Christmas Party

We made it over to Kneaders for Breakfast with Santa again this year. Kinley loved it, and because we went at the beginning, she got to talk to Santa a few times. 

Here is just a fun pictures from December. We watched Cort one night and Kinley made sure to get him dressed up as soon as she could. He is such a good sport!