Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Time

We had a great Christmas! It started off with us waking up and going to church. I loved it because we were able to go and really celebrate what Christmas was all about and help us focus on what it is all about. We came home and made breakfast with Dusty's new ebelskiver pan and then opened presents. My mom was here and that was fun to have Christmas morning with her. After presents, we headed up to Dusty's parents and had Christmas up there. It was fun with 3 little girls. It was a great Christmas and here are a few pictures from it.

This is my favorite picture that I took. Kinley was so excited to get Mickey and Minnie and she wanted to 'cheese' with them. She was fun opening all of her gifts.

Christmas Tree already to go on Christmas Eve

Dusty and Kinley ready for church

Kinley Christmas Morning

Dusty cooking up some DELICIOUS breakfast. I also had to have some peppermint hot chocolate. It is a favorite of mine

Kinley enjoyed breakfast as well! She had to lick the whipping cream

Kinley getting into her stocking

She got lots and lots of bracelets and loved every single one

Grammy was excited to open some presents too

Kinley wanted to take some pictures too


Dusty got a waffle iron - some of you might think that is boring but he asked for one and loves it!

Kinley's favorite "toy" to play with

Kinley putting her new ornament on the tree

Grammy helping Kinley open presents

VERY excited about Mickey and Minnie

Rilyn on Christmas Day

Kinley opening up here Elmo Guitar for Amy, Trenton and the girls. It was a hit

Aiden opening her own craft box

Papa helping Aiden put on her princess shoes