Thursday, January 31, 2013

50 Things in 2013

So I am not into New Years Resolutions, but as this new year rolled around I started thinking about things that I want to do this year. Some are serious, some are fun, and some are just because. I wanted to do 50 Things in 2013. I don't quite have all 50 but they are a work in progress. If you have any ideas, please pass them my way. I am not concerned if I don't finish them all but I thought it would be fun to keep track, and who knows maybe I will come up with more than 50.

I will be keeping track on my blog. You can find the link on the right hand side on pages.
 So here is my list so far:

1) Go Bowling
2) Go Camping
3) Go on a Picnic
4) Read 3 Self Help Books
5) Read the Book of Mormon
6) Host a Dinner Party
7) Learn how to use my 2 cameras
8) Make a project with my sewing machine
9) Read 3 "classics" books
10) FHE once a month
11) Work on our Family History
12) Start planning our Europe trip
13) Make 10 things I find on pinterest
14) Decorate Kinley's room
15) Girls Night Out (try for 1 every 2 months or so)
16) Go to Zumba
17) Have date nights more regularly
18) Go 4 Wheeling
19) Make our wedding photo book
20) Try 12 New Recipes
21) Attend a concert
22) Go on a hike
23) Start a Book Club
24) Grow my own herbs
25) Complete our 72 hour kits
26) Stick to a cleaning schedule for 2 months
27) Do 10 freezer meals
28) Write in a journal once a month
29) Try 3 new things in Utah
30) Visit Church history museum
31) Try 5 French recipes
32) Start Learning time with Kinley
33) Go to the temple once a month
34) Have family pictures done
35) Go on a family vacation
36) Have a birthday party for Kinley
37) Scan all of my pictures
38) Learn more about photoshop
39) Do a cross stitch project
40) Go skiing
41) Look into going back to school
42) Get to a steady weight

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Staying Busy

It has been nice to get back into a routine now that all of the holidays are over. We have stayed busy, but we have also done quite a bit of relaxing.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kinley. I want to put it up big somewhere in my house. Thoughts?

The one thing that Kinley loves about shopping, is getting to carry the bags. She is a hoot!

Kinley loves to play with her train. 

It is fun to have a park right outside of our house. We played in the snow the other day. Kinley is at the perfect age for me because she doesn't last too long out there and neither do I 

 Kinley got her own set of skis. We went to try on some helmets and goggles. She thought she was cool
 Trying on her ski boots

This weekend we went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. Cinderella was coming to visit. Kinley thought it was so great

We still hadn't been to Scheels, even though it is about 5 minutes from our house, so this weekend we headed over. Kinley and Dusty were big fans! I thought it was much better than Cabellas. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Is Cold

So I am already for Spring to come! I was ready in December, and I had a New Years wish of no more snow, but no such luck for me. The first day of 2013 was cold! We decided to go sledding over in Orem. We didn't last too long, but Kinley had a lot of fun. Trenton, Amy and Aiden came with us. 

Trenton and Dusty pulling the girls up the hill

Kinley did not want to be pulled up the hill. She wanted to climb herself. She finally let Dusty help her pull the sled up the hill. 

Last Day of 2012

On New Years Eve, Dusty had some cases to cover so Kinley, my mom and I went down to the Riverwoods in Provo where they had a Noon Years Eve (they celebrated the New Year at noon, for the kids). It was a lot of fun. Kinley had a great time. She got a balloon butterfly, did the fishing pond, went on the carousel, the balloon drop and all the other fun activities. 

That night we went over to Hollie's sister, Heidi's house and had a little New Years Eve party. It was a lot of fun. I don't have any pictures from that night! Kinley lasted until 11:45. She is a party animal!  


We had a great Christmas. We stayed at our house this year and it was a nice change. My mom was here and on Christmas Eve, we tried going to the movie. (Kinley didn't like it) and then we went out to dinner at Brio. It was delicious, and no stress! That night Kinley opened her Christmas pajamas and she loved them. She also got Minnie Mouse slippers, which were a big hit! (Lots of pictures in this post)

We hung our stockings with care

This is Kinley Christmas morning when she walked in and saw her presents

She was Loving her presents. She gave them hugs before she opened them

 Loved the pots and pans for her kitchen

She got a snow suit, and wanted to put it on right away

Looking for her presents in her Santa bag

Kinley and I both got new coats. So we had to show them off

Opening her kitchen

Helping Grammy in the kitchen