Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Kitty Party - Astella turns 4

Kinley has been waiting for Astella's birthday for weeks now. She was excited that she finally got to go to her Hello Kitty birthday. So much fun! Adorable cake, pin the bow on Kitty and a Pinata. Can't ask for anything more! 

The Birthday Girl

Kinley playing dress up at the party


Aquarium & Chuck E Cheese

I love that for Cort's birthday every year, we do a fun get together and take Cort and Kinley somewhere. Kinley looks forward to it and we always have so much fun. This year Cort turned 3 and we spent the day at the Living Planet Aquarium and Chuck E Cheese. 

We tried to get the kids a picture - this is how it turned out. What do you think?

Playing the games

Kinley was actually really good at this game - she beat me
Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed

The penguins at the aquarium were a lot of fun

In the Utah section of the aquarium

Kinley, Jeff & Cort

We love Cort! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We celebrated Easter all week long. We did all of the regular egg hunts and all of that, but this year I really reflected on what Easter is all about, the Atonement. Without the Atonement, nothing else matters. It is truly the most amazing thing that has happened and I am forever grateful for that knowledge. 

Kinley's Preschool Egg hunt

Batty Cousin Egg Hunt

Astella and Kinley at the Egg Hunt

Riding the horse - she loved it

Coloring Eggs

Kinley, Deidrick and Astella

Easter Morning- she was excited to find her basket

All ready for church - she is a doll!

Spring Break

 We haven't ever worried much about Spring Break but with Kinley in preschool this year, we decided it was something to think about. Dusty had to be in Boise for 8 days for work and it fell at the exact same time as Kinley's spring break, so we took advantage and we went with him. 
The weather was so nice and we had so much fun! We swam at the pool every day, and enjoyed our time together as a family.

At The Village in Meridian. It is an open shopping center that has fountains, a great playground, and lots of grass for the kids to run on. The fountains even do a show to music. 

The Discovery Center in Boise- Lots of things to learn and play with

The Melting Pot- Kinley thought it was pretty cool that she got to dip all of her food

The Boise Zoo
Giraffe slide

Rio 2 came out while we were there and we had to see it. We all loved it

Playing more at The Village - they had hula hooping
 Made it over to Kneaders for dinner

We played at the park. Kinley is really into soccer, so we got a soccer ball while we were there

Dusty even had fun playing at the park

Boise Fry Company - delicious!


March kept us busy, and we had some fun times throughout the month

Kinley went on a daddy daughter date to get sushi. She requested it and really liked it!

Drake turned 2 and had a Monster Party. It was adorable!

Kinley as a Monster

Enjoying the cake and ice cream

Bean Bag Toss

Jessica and Dusty - fun that she was here and got to come to the party

All the kids - the each got to Adopt a Monster

We also got to go to Disney on Ice again. Kinley knew what to expect, and was super excited and loved it. It was with the princesses. 

 Pirate Day at Preschool

One of our favorite family activities - dipping chocolate strawberries. Grammy taught her well