Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So in June, I decided to have some maternity pics done. I had Ashley http://www.ashleyelizaphotography.blogspot.com/ do them for me. We had a good time!! Here are some of my favs from the session.

And because this one is just funny!

Baby Shower, Anniversary, & The Rodeo

July has been a pretty busy month. Just trying to get everything in before the baby comes, and take as many naps as I can.
For the 4th of July I worked during the day, but that night we went over to our friend Chandi's for a bbq and then to watch the fireworks. It was so much fun, but I forgot to take any pictures. So sad!
On July 12th, I had another baby shower. Dusty's mom and cousin, Dakota, who was my roommate in college, gave me a cute shower. It was everything pink and little girl. It was fun! We got some great things for the baby; clothes, a car seat and a chandelier for the baby's room. YAY!!!!

Cute decorations
The outside table

The next week after our anniversary, we went up to Park City to celebrate. We stayed up at the Westgate for a couple of nights. It was so nice to relax, and swim (it was heavenly) and enjoy the cooler weather up there. It was a great little getaway for our anniversary and before the baby comes!
Hanging out in Park City

Last night we made it to a rodeo. We love rodeos, but this year I have not wanted to go because they are all outside and it is just too hot. But leave it to Dusty to find the one rodeo in Utah that is indoors. It was at the E Center (now the Maverick Center). It was a lot of fun!!! And I loved being able to be inside and not in the hot sun. Before the rodeo, we ate at The Puck. Kitani and I were trying to think of somewhere new to eat. Little did we know that we would be carded when we went in. Good thing we are all over 21 :) The food was delicious! We had a great night.
Dusty and I (and Jeff sneaking in the picture)
This is me at 37 Weeks
Kitani and Jeff before the rodeo started

Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Years

Has it really been 5 Years since Dusty and I got married? It has! Crazy how times flies while you are having fun, going through trials, laughing together, acting like crazy people and enjoying the moments. I am so happy to be married to Dusty and to be starting a family with him!

Dusty and I are both working 12 hour days today and have a prenatal class tonight, so there wasn't much of a chance to celebrate, but my sweet hubby did bring me some delicious lunch, and the beautiful rose in the picture above. (I am so glad that he has learned that one flower, for me, says so much more than a dozen) I was glad I got to see him, if only for a bit!
Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us! Love you Dust!