Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kinley starts Pre School

Kinley is growing up so fast and this week she started Pre School. She has been so excited to go. We met her teacher Miss Cathie last week, and Astella is also in her class. 

I had to get a couple of pics before we left for school.
 She is a poser
 And a SuperHero
 Kinley and Astella walking into school

 They get to sit right by each other. 

Last Day of Summer

Dusty wasn't on call on Labor Day so we took full advantage and had a family day. We started out with breakfast at Kneaders and then went and saw Planes. Kinley loved it! We finished off the night with a BBQ at Dusty's parents house. It was a good way to end summer. 

Goodbye Glasses

Dusty and I had been talking about it for years, and I finally decided it would be a good thing to have Lasik done on my eyes. I was so nervous but it ended up being the best thing I have done. Karly was in town for a wedding, and she was awesome and took me to my appointment. 

Goodbye glasses

Hello New Eyes that can See