Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer Day BBQ

Trenton and Amy had a bbq this past weekend to celebrate Pioneer Day. It was a good time. The kids played, we all ate delicious dutch oven that Amy made and I made some homemade ice cream that was a hit. A good time!

Rilyn and Kinley playing in the water
Kinley drying off with Aiden

Their neighborhood does fireworks, so we took full advantage

Rilyn hanging out with Grandpa Doyle

Amy, Karen and Trenton

He looks pumped!

Astella waiting for the fireworks

Our Family

Kinley fell asleep on Amy during the fireworks

Is there anyway to have that noise for her room at night so she will sleep?

Cort's Blessing Day

Jeff, Cort and Kitani

I love his face
Like Father Like Son

Kinley always wants her Aunt Kitani

Dusty helping Jeff out

Cute Cute Boy

Cort Bradley

Days of 47 Rodeo

Last week we made it up to the Days of 47 Rodeo. It is always a good one because it is inside! Kinley liked seeing all of the horses and other animals, but she would just give people dirty looks when they cheered to loudly!

Chandi came with us and Kinley couldn't get enough of her

Dusty and I

Mom and Kinley

On the drive home

Last Get Together with Peter and Amber

Our good friends Peter and Amber think that they need to move out of the country and go to med school, so they invited us up to Park City for one last get together! We had a blast. Lots of laughing, good food, and great friends. We are going to miss them like crazy! Good thing we live in a world wear we can skype :)

Peter, Amber and Kinley at lunch
Up in Park City

She loves to sleep in

View from the cabin

It was gorgeous

Getting ready for the hot tub

Sexy boys!

Me and Amber

Hanging out in the hot tub

Amber and Peter

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby You're a Firework

The 4th of July was great! We went to the beach, ate at Fred's, looked at everyone's amazing outfits (all in red, white and blue), and watched the fireworks on the beach over the ocean. AWESOME! Dusty and I decided we would like it to be our new tradition.

Kinley at Fred's
Ready for the fireworks

At dinner

Mom and Jeff getting ready for fireworks

Kinley is ready to watch the show

She fell asleep during the last part of the fireworks and was out for the rest of the night!

She loved her first 4th of July

My mom took some cute pictures for us

I love these stairs. They are really cool
Cute girl in yellow

Daddy's Girl

Dusty and I

Beach Bums

The majority of our time spent in California was at the beach. So nice! The weather was perfect and Kinley had a good time! Not so sure at first but she came around. I guess that means we will be coming back.

One of my favorite pictures from the entire trip
Kinley loves her dad

I love my mom!

Me and Kinley hanging out watching the waves

Mom and Jeff

Kinley, Dusty and Grammy

Ready to Boogie Board

The wagon was a must for the beach to get everything there and it was probably one of Kinley's favorite parts of the whole trip!

Little girl riding in the wagon

Crazy Family

She loved the sand!

and the seashells

Dusty got me out there to do some boogie boarding. I actually did pretty good!