Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gardner Village

Yesterdau Dusty took the afternoon off of work so that we could go up to Gardner Village. It is not Dusty's favorite, but he knows that I love it during Halloween, so he came with me. Jeff and Kitani also came, and we had a lot of fun!

Lounging out before we go
Her shirt says "I'm Batty for Daddy" - so cute!
I love that my last name goes with my fav holiday - Halloween!
This is what Jeff and Dusty mostly did while Kitani and I went in the shops

We did some of this
Kinley did a little of that
Me and Kins
I love the witches everywhere
Jeff and Kitani
The Witches
The 3 of Us
It was such a fun day, and such nice weather. It was great to get out and have some fun!

Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 - Kinley's Blessing

Kinley was blessed yesterday on 10-10-10. It was a great day. Dusty gave her an amazing blessing and we had lots of family and friends to spend the day with. I thought for sure that Kinley would be talking/screaming through the whole thing, but she was so quiet and wide awake through it all. My mom put together a lunch for everyone after with delicious food. It was all so good. We had pulled pork sandwiches, 2 different kinds of macaroni and cheese, blackberry cobbler and cookie ice cream sandwiches. It was great! We all had a nice day, and were so glad that everyone could come!
I got this picture of Kinley the day before in her blessing dress

Family Picture
4 Generations on my side

4 generations on Dusty's side
Group photo - Tia, Kitani and Jeff were taking the pictures
Another cute one of Kinley
Cute centerpiece on the table.
My mom decorated in white, pink and then she had black and white photos of Kinley
The Thank You's
One of my mom's amazing sugar cookies and a wallet sized pic of Kinley
The water bottles
Thank You's
Her cute bow
Adorable shoes

Finally - Kinley's Nursery!

I have finally taken pics of Kinley's room. There are still some little things that need to be added but here is her room. It turned out so cute. Thanks to Dusty, my mom and Jeff and Kitani for all of the hard work that they put into it.
We got some fairy pictures done of Kinley when we did her newborn pics to go in her room
Polka Dot wall
This is the most comfortable chair EVER!
Love this quote!

Pumpkin and Blessing

This weekend has been a lot of fun. Grammy came down, Rilyn had her blessing, and spent lots of time with family and friends.
Rilyn and Kinley on her blessing day
Kinley hanging out with Grandma Joann

Grammy brought Kinley's costume and we just had to see if it fit. It is too cute!!
Kinley and Grammy
I think she likes it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kinley - 2 months

Miss Kinley is 2 months old
We went to her 2 month check up and got her shots - she did really good!
Her stats
23 1/2 in - 75% percentile
11 lbs 2 oz - 50 % percentile
She is getting really big! Some things about Kinley
- She is the happiest in the mornings, she just likes to lay in bed with me and chat
- She loves her vibrating chair and swing
- She tries really hard to pull herself up, and is super close to doing it
- She is really alert and loves to look around
- She likes to hang out with dad outside and be with Harley
- She loves to cuddle
- She recognizes mom and dad's voices

At the doctor - she just wanted to cuddle with dad
Kinley and Mom

September Recap

September flew by. We stayed pretty busy, and had some good relaxing time too. Here are some pics from throughout the month.

One of her favorite faces to pull
She loves her daddy
She is sometimes liking to take a bath

She does so good at church
This is one of my fav pics of her
Car rides are better - there isn't constant screaming coming from the backseat anymore
Hanging out with dad - she likes to watch football with him
She LOVES to smile
I love being able to stay home with her, we have such a good time.
And don't mind my awesome hair in this pic - I hadn't showered yet that day :)
Scowling at mom
Last night we went to Uncle Jeff's softball games
She got all bundled up. She is hilarious
watching the softball game with dad in her cute monkey blanket that Grammy made