Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Las Vegas Trip January 2009

WARNING!!!!!! There are A LOT of pictures in these next posts. There were so many to
choose from that I had to just post a lot. So sorry!
This past weekend we were able to take a trip down to Vegas. We went Thursday through Tuesday, so it was a nice long trip. We had so much fun, and did some things that we have never done before in Vegas. Some friends met up with us, and we were so excited!!!
Dusty and I at Coyote Ugly
Karly and I inside Coyote Ugly

Jeff and Kitani with their favorite M&M
Dusty getting all brushed up at the M&M Factory
I might get smashed in the mold
Nice M&M car
We stayed out for 2 hours watching the fountain shows. A must always when we go to Vegas
At Tao. It is so pretty!
And Last But Not Least
We witnessed this on our drive home. First, who does that? Second, how did they get the boat up there? and Third, how did you even come up with that?

Eiffiel Tower

Another first in Vegas was going to the top of the Eiffiel Tower. I am so scared of heights but I thought that the view would be really cool, so I did it. The ride up in the elevator was super scary. It was made of glass, so you could see everything going up. I had to close my eyes. Once I got on top, I felt like the whole thing was moving, but this nice Romanian lady had me come and stand by her to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio. It is right across the street. That was awesome!!! I am really glad that we did it.

Dusty and I on the top. We were trying to stay close to the center
View of the Strip

At the bottom of the tower

Kissing on the Tower
Jeff and Kitani

Chandi and Nate
Carlos and Karly

Mirage and the Dolphins

We made a stop at the Mirage to see the Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden. It was really cool. They have a baby dolphin who is about 3 feet long, and is super cute. It was something different that I have never done in Vegas.
The Group- Dusty and I, Carlos and Karly, Jeff and Kitani
That Lion was huge!!! Jeff said it reminded him of Aslan from Narnia
The fun dolphins! Cool masks!!
Dusty and I standing by the dolphins
Karly being a tourist and taking pictures!
Dusty resting before we went in. He was soaking in the sun!
At the Mirage

madame tussauds wax museum

We went to the wax museum. I love that place! Most of the statues look really good, but some I just don't see it. Jeff and Kitani had never been, so it was fun introducing them to it.

I had to take a picture with this guy. This is what I was doing all weekend. Taking pictures!

Jerry Springer is trying to break up our fight

Making Sweet Music

Jeff Dunked it!

Kitani and Jeff with Johnny Depp. So good looking!

Dusty and Britney Spears. Who knew he had such killer dance moves?

Me and the OTHER love of my life, Jon Bon Jovi

That hurt!!

They look scary!

Do I look smart?
Dusty is walking on the moon!

Indoor Skydiving

Dusty got to go Indoor Skydiving. He has been wanting to do this for awhile, and he had so much fun!! Jeff was brave and went with him. I just couldn't do it.

Praticing before they got in there. He looks excited

Jeff praticing

Looking excited before they go in

Does the helmet fit? Yep, it does.

Before the air started blowing
Dusty get ready
He threw him clear up there. Dusty did awesome! Even for his first time
Jeff is flying
Hanging out in the wind tunnel
After the flight was over. Looking happy!