Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas! I didn't get our Christmas cards out, so here you go! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrating Christmas Early

This year we celebrated Christmas with Dusty's family the Saturday before Christmas. It was fun to see all the girls so excited about opening their presents. It was a fun day. 

 Kinley gave Cinderella a big hug as soon as she got her out of the box

Dusty loved his back chair massage cushion for his car. 

Those Batty's are Crazy

 The Batty's are really crazy, but that is what always makes the Batty Family parties so much fun. This year Dusty's mom and dad were in charge of the Christmas party and asked Amy and I to help. We were more than happy to. We decided to recreate Christmas morning for the party. Everyone came in the pajamas, we had delicious breakfast food, played games, the kids had crafts, and Santa came and brought the kids a present. 

 I love this picture of Drake. He was not sure about Santa

 Kinley was very excited to see Santa and have him give her a present

Grandpa Batty and Grandma Joann even got a present

The the little kids with Santa

We played a snowman game

 Dusty, Alesha, and Drake

Trenton and Amy

Dusty and Brandon

First Dance Recital

Kinley had her first dance recital. She did such a good job! She wasn't even nervous to go out there, she just went out and danced. It was so fun to watch her and see how happy she was. I am sure there will be more dance recitals in the future. Here are some pictures that I got of her before she performed. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Batty-Anderson Tradition

I love our tradition of going to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square with Jeff and Kitani. This was the first year that we took the kids and it was freezing!! We probably could have picked a better night but we bundled up the best we could and had a pretty good time. 

Jeff, Cort and Kitani
Cort is hilarious, anytime I got my phone out he would just yell "cheese"

Trying to stay warm

 Kinley's Big Cheese

Cort Photo Bomb!

Kinley wanting to be in Jeff and Kitani's picture

Kinley loved the ice and slipping all over it, as long as Dusty was there to hang on to her
She also loved all of the water

 At the end of the night
Cort was so mad that he had to go back in his stroller

 Dusty and I

The Day of Thanksgiving

We were here in Utah with Dusty's family for Thanksgiving this year. I made a few things but my favorite were the Thanksgiving shortbread cookies I made. I loved how they turned out! 

The kids' table

Amy made the girls some cute Indian headdresses

Rilyn, Aiden and Kinley

Party Time

We headed down to Las Vegas to celebrate Hollie and Steve in November. It was a sips and dips casual party and it was a blast! The food was delicious, the music was great and there was lots of fun people. Kinley was the social butterfly of the party. I didn't really get any pictures of her because she was too busy talking to everyone, and dancing. She even sang the ABC's for the whole party. I will try and get the video posted of that. She is adorable. My mom did all of the delicious food and it was amazing! Such a fun weekend! 

 Hollie and Steve

 Me, mom and Dusty

Kinley watching Hollie sing and waiting for her turn. She had to have Johnny play the guitar while she sang

Friday, November 9, 2012

Trae is 7

Trae turned 7, and we went up for his birthday party! I can't believe how old he is. He is such a great cousin and Kinley loves to play with him

Trae and Kinley at the party

Trae had a sports party with a donut cake

Kinley and Kira playing with stickers

After a long day

Sticker Girl