Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family Reunion

 Family Reunion Time
We had a family reunion for my mom's side of the family in August. It was fun seeing everyone and letting all of the kids play! Here are just a few pictures from the party

Dusty won the raffle for the blanket that Grandma made. He was stoked! 

First Timers at Bear Lake

 Tia has been trying to get us to come up to Bear Lake for years, but things just always kept coming up. After Kinley's birthday we made a quick trip up to Bear Lake to play with Tia and the kids. It was so much fun even though it rained for a bit. We had a great time and can't want to go back. 
Kinley following Trae

 Trae, Kira, Kai and Kinley

Kai will be bigger than Kinley before we know it

Frozen Birthday Party

 Kinley wanted a Frozen Pool Party this year so we made it happen. My mom was here to help with all of the details, which is good because I couldn't have done it without her. I loved how all of the details and everything turned out. It was so much fun to plan, and Kinley loved it all, which is what really matters!

The Cake 

 The Table
I loved the trees with jewels. It was one of my favorite touches that we did.  

 The Birthday Girl

Melted Snowman Water Botles

The Food - the tags were a great touch
Sven Antlers
Anna's Frozen Hearts
Elsa's Snowflake Cookies
Kristoff's Icicles
Elsa's Frozen Grapes
Olaf Noses

 Each kid went home with a personalized bag
Princess ones for the girls, and Olaf ones for the boys

 All the kids after swimming

 We displayed this Chalkboard sign that I designed

 The Kinley Banner was one of my favorite things

We played at the pool for the main activity and the kids had a blast
After eating and presents, we played Pin the Nose on Olaf

4 Year Old Kinley

We now have a 4 year old and she is just getting more awesome as she gets older. Here are the questions that I asked her on her birthday

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Toy: Frozen Little People, especially Elsa
Favorite Fruit: Apricots
Favorite TV Show: Sofia the First, Peg + Cat
Favorite Lunch: Cheese Pizza
Favorite Outfit: pink dress with white flowers from Grammy
Favorite Game: Yahtzee
Favorite Snack: Crackers, especially Wheat Thins
Favorite Animal: Dolphin
Favorite Song: Peg + Cat, Beachin by Jake Owen, Something Bad by Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert
Favorite Book: Her Birthday PhotoBook from her Tinkerbell party last year
Best Friend: Grammy
Favorite Cereal: Apple Jacks
Favorite Thing to do Outside: Blow Bubbles
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice (Tang)
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you: all of her animal friends
What do you want to be when you grow up: A Vet, a Cheerleader, a Rock star and the Prettiest Singer
Favorite Vegetable:  Broccoli
Favorite thing to do with Mom: go to the children and dinosaur museum
Favorite thing to do with Dad: play and climb on him
Favorite Movie: Frozen

Kinley had a good birthday this year. Donuts for breakfast, present opening, dinner at the Armadillo place (Texas Roadhouse), and family coming over to celebrate with ice cream, cookies and brownies! 

She was so excited to open her Elsa dress

Cousin Time in July

Kinley loves her cousins and loves spending time with them

Tia and the kids stopped for a quick Sunday visit and dress up fun happened!

Visiting the Children's Museum with Aiden and Rilyn

Exploring new things in Boise

Dusty was headed up to Boise again for work, and we decided to tag along. 
I am a big planner and I am always looking for new things to do and places to eat when we go on trips. This time in Boise, I found a couple of things that I wanted to do. 

We rode the paddle boats and fed the ducks. They got really close and ate the bread out of Dusty's hand. I was completely freaked out. They wouldn't stop following us. It was really fun and something new to try!

 One of our favorite places to go is the Village in Meridian. It has fun fountains and a great little play area. We went and saw the new Planes movie and we all loved it!

I just love these two

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kinley Dance Pictures

I finally got Kinley's dance pictures back and they turned out pretty dang cute! 

The Class Picture
Aspen, Kinley, Zoe, Olivia, Giselle, Madeline

Bouce Party!

Dedrick had his birthday at a bounce house place in Salt Lake it was so much fun. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but everyone had a good time, especially the adults. 

Alesha ALWAYS has adorable Thank You's 

4th of July

The 4th of July was a lot of fun!
We woke up early, and left Kinley in her jammies, and went and watched the Hot Air Balloons in Provo. We had never done this and it was a tradition that we want to start. 

After Brunch, we headed out on the boat

And we finished our night up with just the 3 of us, watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks and eating festive cookies from Kneaders