Monday, October 21, 2013

Break Time in California

We decided to get out of Utah the last week of September and headed to California with Grammy. We had a lot of fun. Here are some snapshots of the trip

Kinley waiting patiently for her food

We love having our friends Peter and Amber back in the states and love that they live in California. They came down one night and we did a fire on the beach. 

Dusty and Peter building the fire

 Burying Peter's feet
 Dusty, Peter, Amber, Ali

We made it to the beach every day. We love it

Building Sandcastles

Watching the surfers on the pier

Dusty and I found out that there was a Crumbs in California and drove over to Beverly Hills to get some cupcakes. Delicious!

Eating at Ruby's on the pier. Kinley loved her balloon fish

Playing on the beach

Kinley found a lot of seashells at the beach so when we got back to Grammy's, she made an Ariel seashell necklace