Sunday, March 18, 2012

Special Delivery for the Cambruzzi House

Dakota and I have been friends for quite awhile. We started out as roommates and then I became part of the family when I married her cousin. I helped with Dakota's bridal shower, so I thought it only fitting to have a hand in her baby shower!

The shower was held at Magleby's in Springville. They handled all of the food, so I got to focus all of my attention on the decorations. It was a lot of fun. And my mom was a HUGE help! We work well together!

A Special Pink Delivery is coming to the Cambruzzi House
The table

The present table

I loved the it turned out

All the details

Centerpiece for the table

We added a lot of pink details

Each place setting had a Wishes for Baby card for them to fill out, a thank you cookie (made by my mom), and props for the Mom or Dad game that we played.

This baby is going to be well taken care of and Dakota is going to be a great mom

This was my favorite wrap job that I have seen in a long time

The glowing mom - Congrats Dakota!!

This last Friday, the 3 of us headed up to Ogden to go to the Treehouse Children's Museum. I have read a lot of things about it and have been wanting to go for awhile. Dusty took an early day on Friday and we headed up. We stopped for lunch with my grandparents, and we were glad to get to see them. Then we headed over to the museum.

Kinley was a little overwhelmed at first but then she just wanted to go go go. Sorry there are a lot of pictures and they are all from my phone

Kinley riding the bull at the rodeo section
Loving the fish

At the doll hospital. There were a lot of kids, so she just held her baby very tight

The music center was one of her favorite areas

Dusty got in on the action too

Kinley did not want to leave the dollhouse. She thought she could take the dolls with her. She was sad when she had to tell them good bye.

Playing Chess

She was very interested in all of the pieces

Making sushi to impress her Aunt Kitani

She wants to be a firefighter

the 3 of us
getting dad in on the fun

On the way home she got her very first ice cream cone and she loved it! She was a happy girl!


Last year at this time, I did a photo challenge. It helped me reflect on things that made me happy and things I was grateful for. I have been quite busy the last little bit and haven't taken the chance to realize how truly lucky I am. I am truly blessed by so amazing people that I have in my life. There are 2 people that can put a smile on my face any day.

The last couple of weekends, Dusty and I have been able to fit in some couple time in the midst of craziness and have been able to have some fun. Last weekend Dusty and I went out on a date to the Ashton Zyer concert. It was such a good concert. We had front row seats and were singing along, even Dusty.

And then there is this little girl. She is the craziest, sweetest, smartest and most loveable little girl that I have ever met. She keeps me on my toes and I love being able to stay home with her. Of course we have our "trying" days, but her smiles, singing and dancing make it all worth it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And here we have Idaho

The other weekend we made a trip up to Idaho. We hit it on a great weekend; we saw my cousin Sam perform at Broncadette night, she did awesome. Then we were able to watch Trae's basketball game, Kira perform and Kira give a talk in church. And most importantly we got to spend a lot of time with Tia's famiy. It was a fun weekend!

Kinley is a gnome
Kira loves to share with Kinley. And she always likes to make sure that Kinley knows what she is doing

Trae is #34 taking the ball down the court. He does so awesome!

This was Kinley's first Broncadette night

She was very into watching the dances

February Catch Up

February in Pictures

We tried the Blue Plate Diner, after seeing it on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, in Salt Lake and it was really good!
Kinley wanted to do a little photo shoot in the hall with Grammy's hat

She was rocking the shoes, hat and diaper. I don't know many people that can rock that look

Out for lunch and she needed to borrow dad's hat

We spent Valentines at home with some friends. Kinley didn't want to get ready for the day so I let her be wild. Check out that hair!

We had some fondue for Valentine's dinner. Kinley had to be right next to Kitani, so poor Jeff and Kitani had to have Kinley in the middle of them.

Nathalie helped us out and made some delicious fondue

My Crazy Hair Girl

Dusty and I got to go with Dusty's cousin and husbnad to the Jazz game. We had so much fun. Thanks again guys!

I found a little place in Springville that makes Iron Port and Cherry. I had to introduce Dusty and Kinley to one of my favorite drinks growing up. I think it was a hit

January in Pictures

January seemed to fly by. Besides our trip to California we were low key. We did a lot of hanging out and recovering from the holidays. Here are some pictures from January.

She is getting to be so big. And she loves to pose for the camera. She will just find my phone and say cheese.

She loves bath time

Kinley loves having Cort come over to play. She always likes to make sure he has everything that he needs but not too many of her toys. This was a day when I was watching him and she just wanted to cuddle.

Kinley and Cort checking each other out

Monday, March 5, 2012

Beach Lovin'

California is one of our favorite getaways. We have such a good time every time we go. Kinley has learned to love it as well. She especially loves the beach. She has no fear of it and if it knocks her over, she gets right back up and tries to go in again. We tried to get down to the beach as much as we could. It was a nice relaxing vacation. And this cold weather just makes me want to go back

Kinley loved to chase the birds

Kinley and Grammy

The Girls

The 3 of Us

Love the Views

Grammy and Dusty

Kinley loved playing in all of the sand

Kinley enjoying the Crab Cooker

Grammy and Dusty at Balboa Island

Lots of fun in California