Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kinley Dance Pictures

I finally got Kinley's dance pictures back and they turned out pretty dang cute! 

The Class Picture
Aspen, Kinley, Zoe, Olivia, Giselle, Madeline

Bouce Party!

Dedrick had his birthday at a bounce house place in Salt Lake it was so much fun. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but everyone had a good time, especially the adults. 

Alesha ALWAYS has adorable Thank You's 

4th of July

The 4th of July was a lot of fun!
We woke up early, and left Kinley in her jammies, and went and watched the Hot Air Balloons in Provo. We had never done this and it was a tradition that we want to start. 

After Brunch, we headed out on the boat

And we finished our night up with just the 3 of us, watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks and eating festive cookies from Kneaders

Strawberry Days

Strawberry Days is one of our favorite things about summer in Utah. We hit up the carnival, the rodeo and finished off the weekend with a Batty Family Camp out at Layne and Peggy's. 

Kinley loves the Strawberries and Cream

Rodeo Time

Camp Out Fun

Our Little Swimmer

We love having a pool right across the street and take full advantage during the summer months. Kinley had swim lessons this year again, and did awesome. She was the youngest one by far in her class and still kept up. She is always posing for the camera and asks to have her picture taken regularly. Love her!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


Kinley got to go to her first play this summer, Cinderella at the Scera outdoor theater. We had a girls night with all the Batty girls. Such a fun night.

Last Dance Performance

Kinley had her year end dance recital and loved every minute of it. She had a lot of people come support her and she loved dancing for all of them!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Wedding of the Season

Dusty's cousin, Clayton got married this past weekend. It was in their backyard and it was beautiful and a fun dance party. They had an ice cream bar, which Kinley loved. Fun night!

Kinley loved dancing with everyone

I had the best looking date for sure!

Back in the Swing of Things

The week we got back from California, we stayed busy with cousins' dance recitals, dance pictures, play time with friends, and a visit to the Urgent Care

Kinley and her teachers Brook and Shay on picture day. She loves them!

Kinley loves when Cort comes over to play. Jeff and Kitani went out on a date and we watched Cort. So much fun!

While playing outside, Kinley slipped off Dusty's back and hit her head on the cement stair, right on the corner. Ouch!! She cried when it happened, but wanted to go to dance practice. So after dance practice we headed over to the Urgent Care and Kinley got 3 staples on the back of her head. She did awesome. She didn't cry, and didn't complain. She just let the doctor do what he needed. She is so brave!

Hanging out, and waiting for the doctor


Stapled up!

California Dreamin

We made a getaway to California in May and it was much needed and so much fun! We spent our days on the beach, rode bikes, Dusty went scuba diving, and Kinley and her beach buddy Grammy had too much fun. 

Kinley and Grammy - Kinley wanted to keep going out farther and farther 

She really wanted to catch a bird

While Dusty went Scuba Diving with his cousin Brandon, Kinley and I got to hang out with Jen and the kids. Kinley loves playing with TJ and had so much fun with all of the kids!

Crab Cooker