Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Last week we were able to go to the Payson Temple Open House. It was so great being there with family and be able to talk to Kinley about families being together eternity. The temple was beautiful and we could feel the spirit there. 

We enjoyed some more family time that weekend for Mother's Day. We were able to visit both our moms and grandmas so it was nice to be able to see everyone. 

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Kay came over for dinner and I had to get a 4 generation picture! Love these ladies! 

Kinley got Grammy and Grandma Karen to play card games with her. It was a great weekend full of memories. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Week of May

May has started off busy and we have been enjoying it!

Having dinner outside

Astella's Birthday Party at Kangaroo Zoo. These girls are the best of friends
 The frosting was delicous

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
It rained right before we went and so it was nice and cool. The kids all ran around and had a great time. 

Kinley loved this picture because in her words "it is such a beautiful view"

I love this girl

Excitement after the Dinosaur Museum

It was a normal Friday that we started off with meeting the Denning's for a visit to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids had a great time and as we were getting ready to leave, things became interesting........

Alesha had put Alexa in the car and Drake had mysteriously and unknowingly to the adults, locked the van doors and got out himself, leaving Alexa in the van. When Alesha went open the doors to get the kids in, they were locked, with the keys in the van. Alesha right away wanted to break the window, but I decided to call the police and they said that the would send someone out. Luckily it wasn't too hot that day and Alexa took a nap while waiting the the police to get the van open. After about 40 minutes we had success and Alexa was very happy to get out of her car seat and hang out for a minute. It ended up being a bit of a crazy day! 

The kids were very interested in what the police were doing

Dad's Best Helper

Kinley adores her dad and wants to help him with everything that he does. I am so thankful that Dusty chooses to spend time with her playing and teaching her . He is a great dad

Helping in the kitchen

Staining my barrel. 

Treehouse Museum for Spring Break

For Spring Break, Dusty was working so we stayed here in Utah. 
We went up with Rilyn, Aiden and Amy to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. It is my favorite children's museum around. 

The old school house

Dress Up as Peter Pan

Rilyn, Aiden and Kinley

Easter Weekend

Easter is a fun time of the year and I was excited for it to land on General Conference weekend, because what a better way to celebrate Easter, than listening to the prophet and apostles? It is truly what Easter is all about. We also had some fun during the weekend as well. 

With Grammy's help, Kinley made her bunny cake

 On Friday night we had the Batty Family Easter Egg Hunt at Uncle Roy's
There are always so many eggs, good food, and lots of kids to play with

Basket Found!

We were up at my Grandma Karen's on Sunday to watch conference and have an Easter egg hunt in between. 

Hogle Zoo

Some of our favorite people, the Kenworthy's, came to Utah and we had to see them! We met up at Hogle Zoo and had a great day. 

The girls
Clara, Whitney, Ali, Kinley

The Boys
Dusty, Ollie, Brady, Boden

Boden & Kinley
They are only a day apart and had so much fun

The Fairies visit Gardner Village

Gardner Village is always fun to visit and in March they had the place decorated with some small fairy villages. The kids thought it was fun to try and find them and it was good to enjoy the nice weather. 

March Snapshots

Snapshot of our March

Kinley colored eggs at Preschool

We watched Kai for a couple of days, and Kinley loved it!

Spent some family time up at City Creek - love these 2

Family Picture after church 

Kinley had a field trip to the fire station

Mommy Daughter Date to see Cinderella

Date Night with Justin and Cari to see Endurocross

Dusty and Kinley spent a lot of time at Jump On It

Every day dress up

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Snapshots

A recap of February in Snapshots

I leaned a new technique for essential oil application called AromaTouch. It is awesome and I am excited to start sharing it. 

Kinley and Grammy had makeover night

Grabbing some dinner

Saturday nights at Costco


Dress Up Fun All Day....

Every Day

I just love this little girl and all her many faces