Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Kinley agrees. I love fall and I love being able to dress up and just have some fun. Here is a picture overload from our Halloween

She woke up and wanted her costume on

My beautiful Tinkerbell

We did trick or treating on Provo Center St to the all of the businesses. So much fun. Belle was handing out candy at one of the places

Tinkerbell found her Peter Pan
Isn't Cort cute! Love that little guy

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell
 Kinley was wondering what my costume was going to be, so that morning I decided to be a cat

We met up with Rilyn and Aiden and did some trick or treating around their house. 
(I didn't get a picture with Aiden ??)
 Tinkerbell and Dr Batty

Until next Halloween

Pre-Halloween Party

Our neighborhood had a little Halloween party. It was super cute. It was a little cold, but Kinley still had a lot of fun. She wanted to dress up as a princess at this party. She said that Tinkerbell could wait for Halloween. 

 She threw the football through all of the hoops

Preschool Fun in October

Kinley has been loving preschool and October was lots of fun. They had a field trip and a Halloween party during this month. 

Drake and Deidrick got to come to the field trip at Hee Haw Farms too! Kinley was excited

Drake, Deidrick, Astella, & Kinley

Drake was loving the animals

Thinking she was cool driving the tractor

riding the hay ride

Singing songs at snack time

Picking out their pumpkins

On Halloween, Miss Cathie organized trick or treating around her neighbor to a few houses. The kids thought it was great. Miss Cathie was even dressed up as Dora. So fun!

Miss Cathie
Astella, Brinley, Kinley, Maggie, Dexter, Lennon


We met up with the Anderson's and headed over to Cornbellys for some Halloween fun. The kids loved it and probably would have stayed longer if it didn't get so cold when the sun went down. 

Cort, Dusty and Kinley 

 Kinley saw this Corn Rocket and asked to have her picture taken in it
 Going through the corn maze

Love him. He is always such a sport

 He didn't play by the rules, and was throwing corn everywhere

Hopping on the cow train

Jump Time

The kids loved dressing up
 This little knight asked Kinley to dance, and Cort was making sure that he didn't get the chance. He wasn't letting any boy around Kinley. Hilarious!

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Family Time

 We had some fun with family this month. 

Painting Pumpkins with Rilyn and Aiden

Dusty had work down in Las Vegas so we went to visit Grammy and we got to have Kira come with us! The girls had a fun weekend with Grammy, and Dusty & I got to have a awesome date. 

Kinley and Kira helping Grammy make cookies
 Swimming at the pool

I had a girls Saturday with my mom, aunts, cousins, and grandma. It was a good day! So fun to be around everyone and play!

Hannah, Sandy, Ali, Lorraine, Stacey and Sonya
 Crazy Family

I also got to go up to Gardner Village with the Batty girls. I didn't get any pictures of that night, but we had so much fun. We went to Witchapalooza and the dinner theater. So much fun!